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Networking for Medical Coding and Billing

How To Network To Find a Job in Medical Billing and Coding

If you have or are on your way to a medical billing and coding certification, your next step should be networking to land that dream job. Networking with industry leaders and professionals is the best way to get your name out there and potentially make valuable connections. Learning to network effectively is one of the

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Is A Masters In Engineering Worth It?

I recently read an article arguing that getting a Masters was really not worth it if your motivation was financial. Essentially, the author had been studying the question of if a Masters really made a difference or not over the course of a couple of years and his conclusion was that the answer is “No.”

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Live On The Edge! 5 Careers That Are Dangerously Satisfying

These days, there are limitless opportunities to work a job where you spend all day behind a computer. Some exciting, some not. Back in the day, people prayed to work inside comfortably, with AIR CONDITIONING. Now, many people are coming back around and yearning to do a job with more physical activity and excitement. If

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