Guest Posting on the JobUnlocker Blog

We love when people want to share their job search knowledge and expertise on our blog. To contribute an article, please read the following guidelines.


  • Must provide true career value and be career related.
  • Must be original content (does not/will not appear anywhere else on the Web).
  • Must be educational in nature and not overly sales focused on a particular product or service.
  • Must have good structure, spelling, and grammar.
  • Must provide a bio with a little info about yourself.
  • Must let us know if you are affiliated with any of your links or recommendations.

How do I submit my article?

Send an e-mail to  with your article.

Does it cost anything to contribute to the JobUnlocker blog?

No! Go wild.

Can I include a backlink in my article?

Yes, you can include external links within the body of your article as long as it makes sense and is relevant to the content of the article.

Can I insert my backlink into an existing JobUnlocker article?

No. We do not participate in this kind of text-link advertising.

Can I submit content that appears somewhere else on the web or re-post my article on my blog?

No. This is considered duplicate content.

How much promotion will my article receive?

It will be featured in our blog and be posted on our social media accounts. It may even be featured in our e-mail newsletter and picked up by other websites afterward.

Any last words?

We would be pumped if you contribute to our blog, but we also reserve the right to reject or alter or reject anything we decide is not up to par. Send an e-mail to  with your article or with any questions.