When searching for your career, you definitely want to make sure you find a job that you’ll be happy to start off with. Unfortunately, these days it is very hard to find an entry level job and many even ask for a lot of experience. Still, you will want to keep in mind the starting salary, work life balance, and future career advancement possibilities of the careers you are considering. To get you started, here is a list of the best entry level jobs out there right now:

10. Web Designer

This entry level career is a perfect choice for people who have both technical and creative skills and stay up to date with the latest technological and Internet developments. Some other key skills for this position include excellence in meeting deadlines and comfortably working with a team to complete projects. An entry level web designer earns a median salary of $50,800.

9. Sales Representative

One of the best entry level jobs for outgoing and competitive individuals is becoming a sales representative. This career is perfect for people who strive for success and can lead to plenty of advanced positions, including managerial and director jobs. The median entry level salary for sales representatives, including bonuses, is $54,400.

8. Financial Analyst

If you thoroughly enjoy using math to create solutions and problem solve, a career as a financial analyst just might be your key to a fulfilling lifelong career. Financial analysts earn a median entry level salary of $47,100, and there is plenty of room for advancements as the finance field continues to grow.

7. Public Relations Assistant

A public relations assistant is an excellent entry level career for individuals who enjoy helping other people and who have finely tuned communication skills. People who succeed in this field also usually have excellent writing, editing and listening skills. The entry level median salary for public relations assistants is $44,700.

6. Registered Nurse (RN)

Becoming a registered nurse is a great way to enjoy a rewarding job that allows you to utilize your communication skills and social skills. Successful registered nurses work very well as a team, enjoy helping others, and work well in a medical environment. The entry level salary for a registered nurse is $63,900, and advancement opportunities are available for those who complete additional education levels.

5. Copywriter

If you find that you have a way with words, this could easily be one of the best entry level jobs for you. Individuals who have great writing skills, communication skills, understand directions easily, and enjoy working as a team will easily find success in working as a copywriter. In addition, copywriters enjoy a median salary of $41,800 for entry level positions, and there is a high rate of advancement.

4. Marketing Coordinator

A marketing coordinator is an excellent job for people that value hard work, are skilled at developing strategies, enjoy researching, and understand what motivates people. Marketing coordinators should also have a thorough understanding of trends and be able to determine what services and products are in demand. The median salary for entry level marketing coordinators is $49,400, and advancement can lead to director and vice-presidential roles.

3. Computer Programmer

A computer programmer may be the perfect entry level career for individuals that enjoy technology, have outstanding problem solving abilities, and who can follow directions thoroughly and easily. Entry level computer programming jobs have a median salary of $53,600, and with hard work, this position could lead to a managerial job.

2. Graphic Designer

The graphic design industry is booming, with many entry level jobs available, and to top it off, it can truly be a fun career! As a graphic designer, you should be creative and work well independently. You should also have an eye for detail and take direction with ease. Graphic designers have a high earning potential, as well, with a median starting salary of $46k.

1. Paraplanner

Paraplanners help finanicial advisors develop plans for their clients. This job often leads to filling in for the financial advisor when he or she is not available and eventually taking on a bigger role as the financial advisor retires. (Financial Advisors are retiring in droves) There are huge opportunities to fill into established practices and make an above average salary.

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