When the job market is tight, people need to be creative and learn about different job hunting tips to have a successful job search. Here are some unusual ways forward-thinking job seekers have stood out from the pack. You don’t have to follow their lead, but use their creativity as a springboard for your own inspired and different job search method.

1. Advertising

While most job hunting tips mention using social media like LinkedIn and Facebook, some job hunters are getting creative and going further by using advertising. Alec Brownstein bought Google AdWords with the names of the creative directors he was hoping to work for. When they Googled their own names, his ad came up with a creative message asking them to hire him. He’s now working for Young and Rubicam in New York, after receiving multiple offers, and was given two advertising awards for his creative job hunt.

2. Do a PR stunt

If there’s something you can do to get noticed in your industry, it could be a fast way to getting a job. Depending on what kind of industry you’re interested in, try to come up with some event or stunt that advertises your abilities and need for a job. If it’s interesting enough, you could get coverage by local media and be able to discuss needing a job. The media is in constant need of material, so contact them and let them know what you’re doing. It’s worked for people before.

3. Turn the tables

Believe it or not, people have successfully asked prospective employers to apply to them. Andrew Horner created a website that asked employers to apply to him, and he included a healthy dose of humor and funny drawings along with his request. Andrew had no work experience, but his creativity and well written website showed prospective employers how he thought, his dedication to finding work and his sense of humor.

Let’s face it, everyone wants to work with someone who is fun to be around. His website showed who he is and it worked: he had businesses “apply,” and he landed a great job after interviewing at a number of places.  This is definitely the type of thing Steve Jobs would tell you to do.

4. Interview a Boss

If you have a company in mind, it might be worth it to find some way of writing an article, whether online or off, where you could interview one of the people you’d like to work for. Once you’ve established some rapport and have an article they can read, you could be in a good position to ask about any openings. Articles don’t have to be in major publications. Each industry has lots of trade magazines that are constantly in need of content. And all companies work at getting their name out there, so it’s likely the business you want to interview will jump at the chance.

5. YouTube

If there’s a way for you to make a film doing something in your field of work or about your field, it’s possible it can go viral and result in multiple job offers. One man made funny YouTube videos about public relations using his kids’ toys. The video went viral and he received lots of publicity and media attention. He then had articles and publicity to link to when approaching businesses for a job.

6. The job reward

Not many job hunting tips include offering money in exchange for a job, but it has been done, and it has resulted in job offers. This isn’t the route to take if you’re cash strapped, but if you link the payment after you’re hired and start getting paid, it’s really not that different than paying an employment agency to find you work.

If you offer up $300 for whose referral finds you a job, it may be just the motivation needed for those who know you and would be willing to refer you, but just never think about doing it in their busy day-to-day life. Cold hard cash has a way of focusing people and bringing in an extra dose of motivation.

The job hunt of the future might not look anything like it does today, just like job hunting today has changed completely from just a decade ago. Take a risk, get creative, and it’s possible you could land your dream job.