People say that the best jobs are being sent overseas.  The thing that most people want to know is not what jobs are leaving, but what are the best jobs in America.  America has always been a place that values hard work. The harder you work, the luckier you get.

Below I have aggregated a list of the ten best jobs in America right now — the kind with good pay, high security, and outstanding job satisfaction.

1. Nurse

Nursing is a demanding profession — a person in nursing must help others when they are in their moment of deepest need. This is what in turn makes it an ideal job for those who want to make a difference. Nurses tend to top the list of the most respected professions because their dedication to their job and their work ethic is so inspiring.

2. Physician

There are certainly downsides to becoming a physician — the years of medical school, residency and internships require aspiring physicians living on small amounts for close to a decade, and the hours are long and arduous. But for those who have a passion for medicine/helping people, becoming a physician is the best option. Physicians help tens of thousands of people in profound ways over the course of a doctor’s career.

3. Statistician

Statisticians are increasingly in more demand as “big data” starts to control more business decision than ever before. The educational requirements dedicate at least a masters, and for the high salary statisticians often pull coupled with good hours and the ability to work on their own, it’s very much a good option for those who seek their own path through the worlds of business institutions.

4. Actuary

Actuaries have the tough job of determining how insurance rates are set — weighing the cost and benefits of things a company should insure. The job is a solid one and the pay is among the highest of all the professions. Though it’s not widely known but actuaries have some of the best jobs out there.

5. Teacher

Despite average pay, long hours and the PTA meetings, many teachers find that there is no other job they’d rather be doing. And it’s no secret why: Teachers have a massive ability to make the future a bright one. By inspiring the citizens of tomorrow, teachers often make a difference today.

6. Toxicologist

Toxicologists explore the effects of chemicals on people or environments. A necessary part of analyzing chemical spills and poisoning cases, toxicologists are often there to provide the missing links in understanding the health concerns that affect our daily lives. The job pays well and has good prospects for new hires, which is just one reason so many are turning to its ranks.

7. Computer Programmer

Computer programmers often have the sort of independent spirit we would have ascribed to cowboys in another age. People like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates have made empires out of creating new means of computing, and they’ve often done it by combining a gift for computing with new ways of looking at the world.