College is not for everyone, but finding a job without a degree can be tough. However, there are many good job opportunities out there. Here are the ten best jobs without a degree requirement:

1. Bank Tellers

Bank tellers are usually low on the totem pole at financial institutions. This means there is serious growth potential. Tellers typically start at around $20,000.00 a year. Of course, another perk many people find very attractive is “bankers’ hours”, typically 9-5, or sometimes even 10-4.

2. Residential Loan Officers

While a degree is not required to be a residential loan officer, they should have a thorough understanding of financial matters. Loan officers get their training as tellers at financial institutions (many of these same institutions employ financial advisors) and work their way to this position. Some loan officers make as much as $62,000.00 a year. With the new housing boom that is going one, this is becoming a very lucrative position.

3. Office Administrator

Small businesses need people to handle the day-to-day tasks of the office. Office administrators need to be able to use a computer, communicate well, and follow instructions. Most office administrators work for small business owners, so the salary varies widely depending on the employer.

4. Legal Assistant

Legal assistants meet with clients to get all the necessary information together for the attorney. They need to have some knowledge of their firm’s specialized area of law. Many legal assistants also get their certification as a Notary Public. They also do the job of the office administrator for the law firm. While their pay can vary widely, they typically range from $30,000-40,000 a year.

5. Child Care Provider

While the pay for child care providers is minimal, they are always in demand. The benefit for most child care providers is the job itself. Many people who chose to work in this field do so because they sincerely love working with children. There is also the potential to open a home day care. This requires a much bigger commitment, but the salary could be well worth it.

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6. Medical Coder

Insurance companies require codes that can efficiently tell them about the medical claim. People who learn how to apply these codes are very important in the medical billing process. (Here’s more info on how to get a job as a medical billing / coding specialist) Coders do not need a degree, but they do need to pass a test for certification. To work with code, coders need to know about anatomy, medical insurance, and medical terminology. Coders either work for medical providers or they can be contracted out. Salary for a medical coder is usually around $45,000.00.

7. Salesperson (one of my favorite in demand jobs for the future)

Almost all businesses need salespeople. Some common businesses that require salespeople are car dealers, insurance companies, heavy equipment dealers, and industrial contractor services. While it helps to have knowledge about the business, it’s not always necessary. Personality is what makes a top-notch salesperson. Commission usually makes the pay very competitive. IMO if you are a good salesman, you will never be unemployed for too long.

8. Restaurant Manager

While waiting tables for years may seem like a dead-end position, it’s anything but. In fact, it’s consistently one of the best jobs without a degree. Managers are usually promoted from the inside. The job can be very demanding on managers’ time, but they are often well compensated. Also, managers of national chains have an almost unlimited amount of growth potential.

9. Photographer

Starting a photography business can be very rewarding for someone who loves taking pictures. It requires a desire to keep up with the latest in technology. With all the technology and props involved, it’s often an expensive business to get started, but it provides the freedom of owning a business (great if you have other disqualifying factors).

10. Commercial Contractor Laborer

There is rarely a shortage of labor jobs in an industrial area. There are a variety of options available for those not afraid to get their hands dirty. It’s often physically demanding work, but it can pay off quickly as it does not take long to move up to a higher position. To move up quickly, it’s helpful for people in labor positions to get their commercial drivers’ license, even if it’s not required, and demonstrate initiative and leadership abilities. Often, the best jobs without a degree are entry-level positions. You must work your way up to the job you want. This is true for many of these jobs listed. You may not need a degree for your dream job, but you do need dedication.