What are the best jobs for the future? What will the market be like in 5, 10, or even 20 years? Certain industries and job opportunities are growing exponentially in comparison to others.  Over all the industry that is going to see the most growth will be healthcare.

1. Computer Programmer

This is a great job if you have the fortitude to learn the skill set. Computer programmers write and creating code for software programs, sites, apps, and ext. Most create and maintain programs for businesses, using computing coding languages like C, Visual Basic, Python, and Ruby.

2. Registered Nurse

Registered nurses (RN) work in medical offices or hospitals. Nurses change bandages, dispense medication, charts, draw blood, explain procedures, transfer patients, coordinate patient care, and provide emotional support for patients and families alike. They work in all areas of hospitals, nursing homes, and hospice care.

3. Medical Assistant

Depending on the nursing staff and where they work, medical assistants typically do a lot of front office work. Their job entails secretarial duties, like answering the phone, and scheduling, and sometimes they seat patients, take medical histories, and take samples for the doctor.

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Medical assistants are capable of working in both the front and back of the office and are assigned specific duties by their place of employment.

4. Certified Scrub Technician

Certified scrub technicians assist in the operating room by handing the doctor instruments in surgery. They assist with the delivery of patient care, clean and sterilize the operating room, restock inventory, and do other things on the surgery floor. They are considered to be a highly valuable member of the surgical team and are always in demand.

5. Occupational Therapist

Occupational therapists are highly trained individuals who treat injuries, disabilities, and illnesses through exercises and activities. Not only do they help people become physical and mentally stronger, but they help them become more independent. Their job is to help their patients relearn and strengthen independent every-day situations, such as cooking, shopping, doing the laundry, bathing, and dressing oneself.

6. Physical Therapist

Physical therapists help their patients address and correct debilitated or malfunctioning movement and pain. They specialize in treating and evaluating physical functioning, including strength, range of motion, flexibility, balance, posture, endurance, and coordination. A physical therapist will treat their patients with a variety of methods such as: light, heat, cold, water, exercise, ultrasound, and massage. They work in hospitals, physical therapy offices, health centers, nursing homes, research institutions, and even sports facilities, pediatric centers, and schools.

7. Dental Hygienist

The responsibilities of a dental hygienist focus on preventive oral health care and hygiene. Their job includes taking X-rays, cleaning their patient’s teeth, removing soft and hard deposits on their teeth, and examining the gums and overall state of their teeth. A dental hygienist is also an educator, establishing and maintaining better oral and tooth care instructions for their patients.

8. Optometrist

Optometrists are dedicated to eye and ocular health, treating patients for just about any kind of eye problem. Responsibilities for an optometrist range from prescribing glasses and contacts, to diagnosing eye injuries and diseases. When working with a patient, and optometrist will examine a patient’s eyes for vision problems, diagnose any diseases or condition, prescribe contact lenses or glasses, prescribe medications, remove any obstructions on the eye, and make referrals for additional medical care.

9. Veterinarian

As the pet population grows and expands there is more of a demand for animal doctors. A veterinarian’s job is to keep pets healthy, but many also take care of sick livestock as well. Their job is to advise and educate animal owners about feeding, behavioral issues, breeding, vaccinations, diseases, and the treatment of pets and animals. Just like human doctors, veterinarians have a wide variety of specialties that they expertise in, but most can be categorized into one of the three: small, large, or exotic animals.

10. Market Research Analyst

This job entails the research and analysis of market conditions, including the study of sales, price trends, products, and services. A market research analyst’s main job is to study statistics and predict the future of their companies’ sales, gain information and data on competitors, and research new and innovative ways to promote, distribute, and price products. Additionally, some marketing analysis jobs are solely desk-jobs, while require a lot of leg work gathering data for the company they work for. Becoming a market research analyst is good for those that are detail-orientated and have a strong attention to detail.