Check out the high paying entry level jobs listed below before you start flipping hamburgers. They have promising starting salaries and they also lead to good opportunities for advancement:

1. Graphic Designers

Number one on our list of high paying entry level jobs is graphic designers.

Educational Requirement:
A Bachelor’s degree preferably in art, commercial design or simply graphic design.

Job Description: Basically designs, creates and develops various graphics for ads, trademarks, logos, labeling and packaging. If you tend towards the artistic, creative side of life this may be for you.

Entry-Level Salary: Salary begins at a median of $46,000 with plenty of room for advancement to an even higher paying job as Art Director. (1)

2.  Financial Analyst

Most high paying entry level jobs are in the financial field.

Educational Requirement: Primarily, a Bachelor degree is required. Some employers are now opting for Associate degrees and certification programs but always with a focus on finance, math, economics, business accounting and general bookkeeping.

Job Description: Primarily, this position entails analyzing financial data for institutions of finance such as banks, mortgage companies, insurance and securities firms, law and C.P.A. firms.

Entry-Level Salary: This one generally comes in at the $47,000 median mark. (2)

3. Engineers (Over 17 Different Categories Available)

This is one of the highest paying entry-level jobs a candidate can apply for and consistently scores in the top 10 most sought after positions to fill at that level.

Educational Requirement: The educational requirement for this job consists of basically a Bachelor degree in whatever field they specialize, i.g. aerospace engineer or aquatic engineering.

Job Description: Depending on their specialty, engineers generally design and supervise construction projects. Widely diversified, many typical projects relate to areas such as: airports, bridges, canals, dams, streets and highways.

Entry-Level Salary: This is not bad for entry-level and usually comes in at the $58,668 range for Civil Engineers. Electrical Engineers Level I can expect salaries in the $62,000 range. (3)

4. Business Administration

This entry-level field is another that can vary greatly.

Educational Requirement: Can be a Bachelor Business Administration degree (BS) or an Associate degree (AA) in Business Administration.

Job Description: Basically engaged in various aspects of business or projects. Needs an ability to deal with different personalities and organize projects that result in a positive bottom line and targeted conclusion.

Entry-Level Salary: According to one source, this field also depends on the chosen area for business administrative skills. Candidates for the Hospitality Management field frequently start at the $46,880 salary range level. (4)

5.  Nursing

There is almost an unlimited demand for nurses and this field is more hi-tech than previous years.

Educational Requirement: At minimum, an Associate-in-Nursing or Associate-in-Science degree.

Job Description: Applicant at entry level needs to be people-oriented as it will be needed to work with other highly stressed staff and people undoing various illness stress and discomfort.

Entry-Level Salary: Starting range can be at $39,000 as an LPN or $42,000 as an RN. (5)

6. Computer Programmer

Educational Requirements: An Associates in Computer Science at minimum, a Bachelor of Science (BS) and/or a Computer Science (CS) degree. Many will hire with or without degree based on hands-on experience.

Job Description: Design, maintain, develop software and hardware.

Entry-Level Salary: Potential for rapid increases. A Software Engineer Level I starts within a $50,845 – $101,995 range. (6)

7. Criminal Justice

Related to criminal investigations, field covers everything from police work all the way to legal assistant.

Educational Requirement: An Associates Degree in Criminal Justice is required for entry-level positions with a Bachelor degree for higher paying jobs.

Job Description: Depending on the area of concentration, this field is broad and difficult to describe. They can be a forensic scientist, a detective or even a paralegal assistant in a defense attorney’s firm.

Entry-Level Salary: Depending on the specialty, can be $55,660 for a forensic scientist entry level position. (7)

And there you have them. Some entry level jobs don’t even require a two-year degree; however, most require at least a Bachelor degree. Choose wisely.

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