Imagine this scene…

You are sitting in a conference room waiting for your interviewer.  In five minutes you will have to demonstrate your job interview skills, either to land a second interview, or better yet, a job offer on the spot.  You have rehearsed the most common interview questions such as: “What is your biggest strength?” and, “Tell me about a time you had to resolve a conflict,” and are more or less are familiar with the company and job description.

But then disaster strikes…

You start to get sweaty palms and start to think the way you are sitting looks awkward.  You are consciously aware of your body and the nerves start to creep in. It is natural to be nervous, this interview is important and you have worked hard to get this interview. This job could change everything!

Here is where a few job interview skill improvements right before an interview can calm your nerves and project confidence.

First Impressions Make Connections! You are only as valuable as your body language dictates. The interviewer does not know you and will make a lot of assumptions about who you are within the first few seconds of meeting you. That is why it is important to be confident.  I get asked all the time, “But how do you just “feel” confident?” Here’s how:

1.  Strong body language

Practice exaggerated confident body language. By just holding these positions you are tricking your mind into being more confident. Watch a summary explanation of this in this awesome Ted talk below:

2. Do some Power Moves

You want to be doing some High-Power Poses and avoid Low-Power Poses before an interview. Get a scream out. Do some karate chops. Whatever gets you pumped.

3.  Repeat a Positive Affirmation

We have all heard the phrase, “just because you say it does not make it true.”  Well it turns out that it does. I am not saying this works for everything but there is plenty of research to show that by just saying you are confident you will actually be more confident.  Before your interview you should repeat a positive affirmation multiple times to improve your confidence. It will improve your job interview skills!

Below are a few that I like to use and say to myself.

  • I am confident in all things. I have unlimited potential
  • I absolutely will succeed in this job if given the opportunity

3. Remind Yourself of Your Successes

Confidence grows with every success you have. As you mature, you build more success, and your confidence grows.

It is important during times of extra stress to remind yourself that you have overcome far greater obstacles than a simple interview. Look back on past accomplishments and think about the pride that each of them gives you.

For example:

  • The pride you felt when you graduated from high school or college.
  • The confidence you gained after facing you fear of sky diving.
  • Think about where you helped out a friend in need.
  • The confidence you gained after finishing your first marathon.

4. Read Nice Things People Have Said About You

As the interviewer nears the conference room where you wait to be scrutinized, it is important to remind yourself that there are numerous people that respect and value you. The interviewer will be judging you, have no doubt about that, but by remembering that other people love and respect you, it will give you confidence.

Some examples would be:

  • Recommendation letters from teachers
  • Graduation cards from family and friends
  • Praising emails from current or former co workers

5. Cosume any entertainment that gets you excited

A lot of people throw on their favorite song that gets them excited about life. It works great! Also try some other content. Right before I interview I like to watch a few movie trailers that are high pumping and adrenaline filled.