Good job! If you made it to this page, hopefully you are looking for great cold calling scripts to reach out to employers with. Well, look no further! Cold calling for jobs is an extremely valuable use of your time when looking for a job. (Here’s an article I wrote about why this is true) Get ready to…

Here are some sample scripts I have used with success, but first, you have to prepare so that you can fill in the scripts:

1. Know who you want to talk to

You have to know who you are looking to speak with in order to ask for them.

2. Know what you want

You have to know what you want to ask for it.

3. Do your research

When making phone calls for your job search, preparation is the key. Research the company and the department you want to join. When you make a call and have the opportunity to communicate with one of your contacts, you need to make a good first impression and show you would be a valuable addition to their organization.

4. Learn to get around the Gatekeepers

Gatekeepers (such as assistants answering the phone and secretaries) will do their best to prevent you from talking to your desired contact. But, if you sound like you are supposed to be talking with him or her, they will patch you through. Sound affirmative and confident. Be extremely nice to these gatekeepers. They often have a ton of knowledge about what is going on in the company, such as job openings.

To Person Initially Answering the Phone: “Good morning. My name’s <insert your name>. Is <insert contacts name> available?” (If they ask why you are calling) “To follow up on an email I sent.” Make sure you actually sent them an email before this, whether they responded or not.

If you still have trouble getting through to the decision maker, try calling repetitively many days in a row, or call at different times when you think the gatekeeper might not be there, such as early morning, during lunch, and in the evening.

5. Sample Script A: Gathering Information

“Hello this is <insert your name> and I am calling in hopes of finding the right person who handles hiring in your department. I found you on LinkedIn and am interested in working at your company. I also called (list other people you reached out to at the company) trying to find out. Are you the right person I should be speaking with?”

6. Sample Script B: Making a Connection

“Hello <insert contacts name>, this is <insert your name>. I came across your name from a mutual LinkedIn friend. I wonder if you can help me with some information. I am new the <insert industry> industry and am looking to learn from people who have been successful in my chosen career. Could I have a few minutes of your time next week over coffee to ask a few questions?”

7. Sample Script C:  Being Blunt

“Hi <insert contacts name>. This is <insert your name> I’ve completed my degree in <insert degree>, and I have experience in <insert experience> and <insert experience> which is an area I know your company specializes in.

“Are there any openings at your company currently?” If the answer is no, respond with: “Can I send you my résumé in case any come up in future?” If the answer is no again, respond with: “Can I send it to you for some feedback and advice?”

8. Overcome the Objections

Write down a list of objections that you get and learn to overcome them. Fox example, if you hear, “I’m just too busy to talk.” you can respond with “It will just take a few minutes.” As you hear more and more objections you will eventually have an answer for every possible one.