Finding a steady career in today’s economy can be a tough task. You may already have a specialized degree or might be looking to go back to school to get a degree so you can find the perfect career path.

Knowing what the hot careers are will help you know what kind of experience and education you need to pursue. If you are wondering what careers are in demand, with enough research and the right education, you can get one of the top five.

1. Accountant

Accountants are more important than ever because every company is looking for ways to save money, keep track of their finances, and be more economical. Businesses rely on accountants to review and analyze financial statements, discussing financial matters with upper management, prepare taxes, and contribute to other financial planning. Good accountants will also keep up with the laws that are changing to make sure the business is compliant and uses best accounting practices. Now is a great time to consider a career in accounting, here’s the 10 year outlook. Also, here is the potential growth predicted by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics:

What Careers are in Demand?

What Careers are in Demand? Accouting is Definitely One

2. Human Resources Manager

Companies are only as strong as their employees. As a human resources manager, you would oversee the personnel operations of different departments, set up and conduct interviews, and even have a say in who is hired and fired. Every company needs a good human resources manager to run the day-to-day personnel operations. A good HR manager is also tough to replace, so landing a job in this field could turn in to a long-term career.

3. Financial Advisor

Financial Advisors are relied upon by many families and individuals, and there is an increasing need for them since older Financial Advisors are retiring in droves. With our ever-changing economy, people need to know what to do with their money when it comes to saving and investing, making large purchases, estate planning, and tax efficiency.

Also, make sure to read our article on the 8 things you should know before becoming a financial advisor.

A financial advisor is a key component in families’ future, so more people are seeking the services of financial advisors to help plan for retirement. People of all ages are beginning to seek the help of financial advisors, but it is extremely in demand due to the millions of baby boomers retiring. If you treat people the right way and provide great customer service, then you will likely receive good referrals and create long-term job security.

Financial Advisor Job Growth

Financial Advisor Job Growth

4. Pharmacist

A pharmacist’s job is to fill doctor-prescribed medications for patients and also to give them advice and recommendations on taking the medications. With the growing number of people relying on prescription medication and baby boomers retiring (see this common trend!), pharmacists are definitely in demand and will be in demand for the foreseeable future. Also, here’s info on how to become a Pharmacy Technician

Most pharmacists work in drug and grocery stores, but some also work in retirement homes, recovery facilities, clinics, and hospitals. If you have a background in medicine, then becoming a pharmacist would be a great option to start a new career.

5. Paralegal

If you are a very detail-oriented person, love organization, and enjoy doing research, then a career as a paralegal will fit you well. You aren’t required to go to law school to become a paralegal, but many most firms require some experience and/or certificate programs. Paralegals are huge assets to lawyers because they conduct a lot of research, prepare motions and filings, and complete paperwork and exhibits needed in court.

While some paralegals work standard hours, many positions require them to work odd hours to meet the needs of lawyers and high pressure court deadlines (they don’t often budge). Paralegals have demanding careers and the long hours spent working can be very rewarding since there is a clear goal that you contribute to accomplishing.


The demand for jobs is always changing and trying to keep up with what careers are in demand can be difficult, but these five careers are a great place to start. Your background may allow you to jump right into one of these careers, but you may also have to get some type of formal education to be considered for them.