Wondering how to get an internship? Let me show you! Internships are not always positions that are widely advertised. More than half of all internships are never posted publicly. That means you won’t only find one by just looking through the newspaper, online job sites, or even company websites. Since they are hard to find, the internship positions that I am going to teach you about won’t have hundreds of applicants applying for the position. The truth is you will probably be the only applicant.

What most Job Searches are Like

The problem is your search is probably going like this: You start on Google searching words like “where can I find an internship” and click through to standard job sites, only to find out there are only one or two internships locally that you would be interested.

You send over your resume and cover letter and if you are lucky (keep in mind that you have to get past resume filtering software first) and get past the other applicants, an HR manger might see your resume. You wait a few weeks hopefully but probably don’t hear back from those applications.

One you get started on this online applying process it gets addicting. Your rationalize that if you apply to every internship, you will eventually get one.

JobUnlocker Premium’s recommended method bypasses this process. Our method is simply to directly contact people in your industry. Skip filling out endless questionnaires and online internship applications and get to the people part of the hiring process.

You have probably heard something similar to this before. People say “you need to network.” In fact, most people know they should.  So why don’t they? Person to person networking without knowing who to talk to is difficult. If you don’t have the right contacts to network with, the path forward is not always clear.

You Need Contacts in your Industry

The number one thing you need is to have the contact details for people in your chosen industry and location. This is where JobUnlocker Premium comes in, we provide you with 100 unique contacts for your industry and location, we can get you connected.

Making Direct Contact:

The key to making our direct contact method work is to be clear who you are and what you want. You will need to reach out directly to the contacts we provide through email and maybe even via phone.

When you get a response from an industry professional, the first step is not to beg for an internship. (by the way, here are some internship interview questions to prepare for) You should ask them about the industry and then lead into any internship openings that may be available. Try to find something that you have in common with the person and then tell him or her that you have their particular company in mind as one where you want to work. Your enthusiasm must be contagious. At the end of your conversation, ask if you can send a resume and offer to follow up at a predetermined time.