Walmart has come a long way from its humble 1962 beginning as a single store created by Sam Walton. Walmart is a now a national and international retail corporation that offers many employment possibilities.  It’s the largest employer in the United States, and since this is an employment blog, we thought we would write about their application process.

Fun Fact: Walmart has around 2 million employees, if they had their own city, it would be the fifth biggest in the United States, bigger than Philadelphia, Phoenix, Dallas, and hundreds of other huge cities.

If selected, applicants will complete an application, an assessment test and then will go on to a face to face meeting with a manager in a Walmart store.

There are eight steps to the Walmart application including:

1. Preferences
2. Personal information
3. Availability
4. References
5. Employment history
6. Qualifications
7. Questionnaire
8. Assessments


1. Where can I complete an Application?

Job seekers can apply for an employment position in person in any Walmart store location. Employment application cubicles are located in the Customer Service Center in every Walmart store.

Applicants can complete a form online after completing a free and brief online registration. Registration consists of creating a user name and password. Walmart’s Hiring Center website address for hourly and Vision Center positions as well as for individuals seeking to apply to corporate positions is

Walmart states its hiring website works best with Internet Explorer. The online application system is not compatible with the Apple platform or the Safari browser. Use Internet Explorer so you do not lose your work during the application process!

2. How long does it take to apply?

The Walmart application for takes thirty to sixty minutes. Applicants that choose to fill out an application online can save their application up to sixty days. Completing an application over a period of time might be more convenient for busy job seekers.

3. What if I need help?

Walmart is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes individuals with disabilities to apply. Walmart also offers application assistance for any individual that requires it.

4. What if I have a felony?

It has been reported that certain Walmart stores do hire individuals with past felony convictions depending on the nature of the felony and the length of time elapsed since the conviction. Applicants are encouraged to fully disclose any information regarding their conviction. Here is some more tips on Getting a Job with a Felony.

5. Is there a drug test?

Walmart incorporates drug screening tests in order to select qualified applicants as part of the hiring process. Applicants are required to provide a urine sample for testing. Test results showing detectable amounts of controlled substances will be eliminated from the list of potential candidates. Don’t forget, Walmart can conduct periodic drug screening tests once applicants are hired, so stay clean!

6. Is there a background check?

Walmart conducts background checks of individuals applying for open employment positions. Walmart could seek or verify an employee’s information from credit bureaus, schools and universities, law enforcement agencies, individual references and previous companies or corporations of employment.

7. What information is required on the Application?

Applicants will be required to provide their Social Security Number. Applicants are also asked to provide their gender and ethic group but applicants are not required to do so and can refuse to answer those questions. New employees might be required to submit verification of eligibility to legally work in the United States.

8. What languages is the Application available in?

Walmart employment applications are available in English or Spanish languages.

9. Can I choose what kind of job I would like and in what area?

Applicants can select and apply to Walmart, Sam’s Club or Walmart Logistics transportation facilities using the company’s application system. The Walmart employment application system also offers the ability to enter a zip code and search for the closest stores in the area. An applicant can search for stores in their chosen location range from a five to a one hundred mile radius.

10. Can I choose which positions I want to apply for?

Applicants are able to choose Professional, Supervisor and Lead, Hourly, Office and Loss Prevention or Management position titles. After selecting the type of position the applicant can place a check in the box of each open position of interest within their chosen category.

After getting a position at Walmart, you can then apply for advanced positions and training programs. For example, if you are salaried, you can apply for a assistant manager training program, and after completing it, there is a very competitive base salary.

11. What personal information is required?

Applicants are required to provide their name and street address. There are other fields asking for the applicant’s phone number, alternate phone number and email address but these fields are optional.

12. Availability

The applicant is asked to supply their availability using a drop down menu for each day of the week including the earliest and latest time he or she is able to be scheduled for work that day.

13. Do they require references?

Applicants are required to supply the names and phone numbers of two professional references.

14. How long of employment history do I need to provide?

Applicants are required to provide employment history for the past ten years.

15. Do I have to take a test?

Applicants might be required to take a sixty-five question assessment test. The applicant is asked to provide information regarding job qualifications and related experience. This test has four parts and evaluates the applicant’s ability to handle situations regarding customer service and employee relations in a positive and effective fashion.

*Disclaimer: is not affiliated with Walmart. Walmart’s hiring practices are it’s own and hiring practices and process change without notice. Information is based on one time application process research and accuracy is not guaranteed.