If you’re interested in finding a job at Dollar General Stores, you should go ahead and begin the application process to be considered quickly. However, there are several things you need to understand before beginning the actual application process.

This article breaks down the Dollar General Store Application Process into small and easy to understand chunks.

1. History

It’s important that you familiarize yourself with the history of dollar general stores-you might be asked in the interview, so you better get prepared. The following are facts about this company:

– Was originally started in Kentucky in 1955.

– The general concept behind this company was that nothing could cost more than a dollar.

– Dollar General has over 10,000 locations and concentrates on many smaller markets without a population large enough to support larger retailers like Walmart.

– Major competitors are Family Dollar and Dollar Tree.

2. Jobs Available

Dollar general stores are always looking for people to join their team. They mostly hire sales associates, district managers, store managers and regional managers as well. However, they also advertise other positions for people to apply. If you are interested in working for Dollar stores, then you should always check for updates online and talk directly with managers in-case you come across a position that fits you well.

3. The type of people that Dollar General Stores are interested in

They are always looking for people who are honest, reliable, and dependable to work with them. However, it’s a plus for you if you have some background experience in sales or customer service. So you should emphasize this on your cover letter and resume.

4. How to apply for the job

If you are interested in joining this team, you could apply online through DollarGeneral.com. I recommend this as a good place to start to get you on a store’s radar because the convenience that comes along with it. Applying directly through their recruitment portal is one way of ensuring that the HR department knows about you. However, a follow up directly with managers would be convenient enough for you so that you don’t hope for an opportunity that has already been taken.

5. The general application process

When applying for a job at dollar general stores, you’ll realize that it’s quite a simple and straight forward process, and it will take you an approximate 30-40 minutes to apply for one job.

If you have an already prepared a cover letter and a resume, you could decide to skip the application process altogether, go to a local Dollar General Store, and hand your resume in personally to a store manager. The only downside with this is that you’ll be unable to apply for a specific position or, so use it at your own peril. Even though it could save you time, it’s a little bit unsettling when you don’t understand what you are exactly applying for.

To begin your application process, you’ll fill out the details about your work history. Be prepared to explain any gaps of unemployment for 3 months and above. However, a wide gap will not automatically disqualify you; it will only eat more of your time explaining the circumstances that led to that wide gap. They also highly recommend you to add up to 3 references.

The next step involves entering your educational details. Have the correct start and end dates ready as this will be verified in the background check.

6. Background Checks

They use background checks to verify the information you submitted. They also use it to see if there’s any criminal record in the past. Honesty is the best policy here; don’t think that something in your background will escape unnoticed!

*Disclaimer: JobUnlocker.com is not affiliated with Dollar General. Dollar General’s hiring practices are it’s own and hiring practices and process change without notice. Information is based on one time application process research and accuracy is not guaranteed.