Things do not look well for the many businesses of 2014 considering that the recession is now upon us. A good number of establishments have begun to fail and more and more people are finding themselves unemployed.

Yep, it sucks to be unemployed and countless people often find themselves vying for jobs and more often than not find themselves unable to keep it. Luckily though, there are jobs that manage to be quite popular despite all the economic issues that are popping up lately.

So just what are the top 5 upcoming jobs in 2014? Here’s some broad categories we have put together:

1. Paramedics

There’s no denying that everybody gets sick or injured sometime in their lives. In major cities of the world, someone, somewhere is probably in some kind of trouble or another. It could be a case of the common cold, it could be some burnt fingers after mishandling toasted bread or it might have something to do with that last slice of pie that smelled funny but you ate anyway.

Whatever the case, it’s the paramedic’s job to see what can be done and if you need to be taken to a hospital. they are the first responders and often get to help and diagnose before doctors ever get involved. Their out in the field, travel a lot, and interact to help people often. This is why paramedics report a high job satisfaction consistently.

2. IT Professionals of All Sorts

Just about every company (and even every household) has a computer somewhere, and any company worth its salt will probably need someone to maintain or fix their computers when something goes wrong.

This is where IT pro’s come in. They’re the people you call when one of your computers in the workplace breaks down, the laptops in your home crash, and you can’t get wifi to work. Along with the hardware and software help, IT professionals also can concentrate on security, programming, and development, all of which have great job outlooks.

3. Team Leaders

Well, while it may be apparent that some jobs are having a difficult time just holding themselves together, there are still those that manage to thrive and rise above all the others. This is thanks in part to determined businessmen who continue to make their businesses earn money. Even the lowliest grunt in the office is instrumental in keeping a company afloat.

Team Leaders have such an important job thanks to the way that they allow employers to communicate with their employees. Without them, businesses wouldn’t be able to coordinate properly and be able to pay their staff. They also create innovation so that companies can grow and hire even more. All companies need talented and focused leaders.

4. Teachers

Another very important facet of a successful career is a good education and the only way this education is prepared and given is through the use of good teachers. While some people may hate them, there is no denying that you only learned how to read, write and calculate thanks to your teachers.

Resume Writing Tips for the Upcoming Jobs in 2014

Now that you know which jobs are all the rage and which aren’t, maybe it’s time you put together a resume for upcoming jobs in 2014. The hottest jobs 2014 are out there and you can make the best of new jobs 2014. Just be sure to follow the right resume format to make sure you’re on the right track.

Here’s some tips to remember when writing your resume:

– Guest post by Amy Huges

Amy Huges is a professional blogger with experience in resume writing. She keeps an eye on the current trends in resume and CV writing.